Inertia Horns for N.I. Kontakt


FREE DOWNLOAD Explore the possibilities and soundscapes of this unique sound library entirely created using exclusively samples extracted from the french horns recordings of our song Inertia.

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This unpretentious Kontakt Instrument is beautiful in its simplicity and is made available to all of you fellow musicians, producers and composers free to download and enjoy!
You will need a copy of Native Instrument Kontakt full in order to use this library, which you can buy here.

Alternatively, it can be run in demo mode with the free Kontakt player that you can download here.

This instrument was entirely created by Twiceful Mind and coded by Composer Susanne Aubert:

Sampled by Matteo Galesi

(The Instrument must be loaded from the files browser within Kontakt Player for it to open)


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